Producer - DJ - Vocalist - Songwriter

'When soul meets techno'

Ann LoV is a force to be reckoned with, a bold authentic voice that shines through in the electronic scene. Rooted in London, she is both a sought-after soulful vocalist and accomplished architect of modern melodic techno. Her debut release "Paradox" on Saturo Sounds showcased her signature melodic touch and garnered immediate attention. Since then, her production finesse has been demonstrated through remixes on 64K Recordings and Polyptych Limited her production and remix work has seen her display her sensibility for rich emotive lead lines, and cavernous dubby atmospheres.


Ann's devotion to an electric range of music has been steadfast throughout her career, leading to collaborations across multiple genres as a vocalist and songwriter melding influences from pop, electronica, techno and film scores. Her label, 'Inner LoV', a label dedicated to vocal-infused progressive electronic music, exemplifies her commitment to innovation. Debut release ‘Carry On’ marks out the sonic blueprint for the label with its compelling fusion of soulful ethereal vocals and modern techno aesthetics.

With an unapologetic authenticity, Ann reshapes the boundaries of genres, creating a hybrid sound set to ignite the dancefloors of the future.

Latest releases

DJ Sets

Warm up sets - Dub Techno

Live from Golden Hour / Night Tales Loft

Guest mix for Affiliate on Frisky Radio

Peak time sets - Melodic/Hypnotic techno

Guest mix for Proton Radio

Guest mix for Dub Waves on Proton Radio